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Q.  I'm getting married in a week, is it to late to get what I need?

A.  Not at all.  We have over 600 wedding gowns in stock ready to go.  We have  bride's maid gowns and tuxedos that can be altered quickly.  Plus we have undergarments, veils, shoes and flower girl dresses.  We bake our own cakes in our own in house kitchen.  We also have cake toppers, serving sets, pen and books, flower girl baskets, ring pillows, garters, unity candles and much much more.  We don't mind helping plan a wedding on a short notice.


Q.  I want a nice wedding, but I don't know where to start.  Can you help?

A.  The common sense approach is to decide how much  you have to spend and then, come see us first and save yourself a lot of stress.  We will show you what we have available and you can decide what you want one step at a time.


Q.  Our budget is small.  Is it still possible to have a nice wedding?

A.  Yes it is.  While you can't expect to do a wedding for nothing we will do our best to help you work within your budget.  


Q.  How will I ever get everything done?

A.  Make a list of everything that needs to be done, then break each job out into little jobs. Get a calendar with big squares and write each little job on the date you plan to do it.  Get help and keep up with your goals and you will see things start to come together and you won't leave things until the last stressful minute.


Q.  I have a picture of a cake, can you do it?  

A.  You are welcome to bring in the picture or email it to us.  We will be happy to see what we can do.  If we don't feel like we can we will let you know and see what we can do that is close.

Q.  I have heard your store is closing, is that true?

A.  No we are not closing.  The owner is wanting to retire and is trying to sell the business.  She has great hopes in finding a buyer that will just take the business over and not close it.  Till then we are business as usual with no intentions of closing.

Q. Do you have 2 locations?

A.  No, we don't.  We have been in the same location for almost 23 years.  When google redid their maps a few years ago they placed us wrong.  We are still between Joplin and Seneca on 43 Highway South.



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